Experiences Built For The Future

I’m a UIUX designer and senior product design leader who has led a variety of cross-device/native/responsive projects in eCommerce, B2C, and B2B organizations. I have experience working with dispersed teams for organizations ranging from pre-funding startups to large Fortune 500 organizations to create inspired and innovative products


I enjoy the combination of art and science of generating positive emotions through product interactions. I’ve been committed to building products that are created with the customer in mind. It starts with studying who the customers are and what they need and taking that information to provide products and services that improve the quality of people’s lives. My ideas are validated through real customer feedback and iterated on to ensure the final product will work well for those that will be using it.”


As a Visual Designer, I weave iconography, typography, color, space, and texture together to help users successfully navigate products. My focus is to inspire, engage and excite users with designs that are creative and effective. I rely on user-centered design principles to produce high-quality visuals—from concept to execution—across many platforms. I enjoy collaborating with fellow designers to create innovative, great-looking products.


My approach with any web project starts by looking at the big picture. I know how to simplify the process and create a custom solution that’s right for you. My capabilities range from marketing to e-commerce sites, web portals, applications, and responsive sites. I have worked with experienced and dedicated teams focused on the latest technologies so I can offer several different solutions and long-term growth.



Contextual Interview – During these interviews, we watch and listen as users work in the user’s own environment, as opposed to being in a lab. Contextual interviews tend to be more natural and sometimes more realistic as a result.

Focus Groups – Moderated discussion that typically involves 5 to 10 participants.  Through a focus group, we can learn about users’ attitudes, beliefs, desires, and reactions to concepts.

UX Design

“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” – Don Norman