OnePay is a service that differentiates from competition through different factors; firstly it takes a whole different approach to bill paying by aggregating one’s bills into a single bill and a single payment per month; secondly it is the only service out there that is actively looking at how to save you money by lowering your monthly spend; thirdly it is a service that revolves completely around the client, thus its customer service and attention to the customer will also be a differentiating factor; finally, it’s simplicity in design and information displayed makes it easy for the user to understand everything bill related with a quick glance and in under 5 minutes every month.

What will cause users abandon their current tools and use OnePay will be the simplicity, the benefits it receives as a user that makes them really save time and money right away, and finally the attention and customer care. The brand basically will revolve around the idea that OnePay is their personal bill concierge, someone that is always there not only to help them with their bills but to save them money and pamper them.

OnePay, your personal bill concierge!

Young professionals that are connected to the technology space, they are usually wired to the technology news through web magazines like tech crunch, Engadget and their twitter feed.

These people are between 20-35 year old that lives in big and up-and-coming cities in states like Texas, California, New York, and Washington. Where they work a steady 9-5 job and sometimes participate in the sharing economy doing either freelancing on the side or using another app to bring in some extra cash.

They like to use the weekends to relax and meet their friends; they are constantly on the go during the week, which makes it hard for them to stay connected with friends and chores around their rented apartments or mortgaged homes. They like to maximize their times by using apps that simplify their lives. Furthermore, most of them like to hang out at a local bar with some friends during the weekend and like to attend social and networking events during the weekdays.
They currently do bill paying in a variety of different ways including auto pay for some stuff, manual online bill paying, or using their bank portal for paying their bills. Most of them have a feeling that the amount of money they pay on a monthly basis is really high, and would like to pay less, but are not up for the task of finding the ways to do so. They often forget to pay a bill once every two-to-three months and incur in a late fee.