Photon / 72 Pixels

Created real-time user interfaces with graphic design and motion graphics that are both functional and beautiful. Worked hands-on with engineers to realize interface functionality. Designed and documented user interface functionality in writing and/or wireframe. Created quick visual prototypes for new input devices and interface paradigms. Customized art style guidelines as a filter for design decisions to ensure consistency. Consistently generate creative ideas, interface concepts and visual treatments that lead to innovative products.

Managed client interactions and project modifications ensuring all stakeholders are on track by working in an Agile Scrum process.

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Use Case

Business Cases for Persistent Sidebar in Main Content

-It provides a place for current status (chapter and page, user XP, etc, current page bookmark and notes) in a location where it does not clutter the primary area of focus, which is the main text.

-During quizzes, the Master the Question interface appears there. Master the Question shows the user’s response history on a question-by-question basis and provides feedback when new experience points are earned. It makes sense to keep this next to the User tile, where the user’s cumulative XP, rank, and level are shown. In this way, at the same time that you see a “+5 XP” notification, you see your user’s XP increment and progress bar increment by the same amount. It is conceptually and visually cohesive design.

-It is the best place to see bookmarks and associated notes. In Human Japanese Intermediate, bookmarks the digital equivalent of putting notes in the margin of your textbook. People want to be able to see the notes they took in the context in which they took them, not squirreled away on another screen. Also, in the future, we plan to allow instructors to create “bookmark packs” for their students so that a student paging through the text would see notes from their teacher. This feature only works if you can see the full text of a bookmark note side-by-side with the part of the textbook to which it relates.
-The consistency of user experience across platforms and form factors are important to us and our users.

-We designed the sidebar to provide some visual relief from what can otherwise sometimes be a desert of text. Human Japanese Intermediate is different from a novel in that we are asking our users to perform challenging mental work. We work hard to provide bite-sized, easily assimilable units, both conceptually and visually. We believe that the sidebar helps with this.